Track: National Bitch
Artist: Lana and Marina
Album: Mashup
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National Bitch - Lana Del Rey & Marina and the Diamonds Mashup

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Sunset in the Himalayas, Vasily Vereschagin

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Henri Matisse- “Small Odalisque In A Purple Robe” 1937

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A town known as the “town of books”, Hay-on-Wye is located on the Welsh / English border in the United Kingdom and is a bibliophile’s sanctuary.

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Lo spellato [skinned], Florence

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Track: Let's Dance To Joy Division
Artist: The Wombats
Album: A Guide To Love, Loss, & Desperation
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let’s dance to joy division || the wombats

everything is going wrong
but we’re so happy

i love how happy this song is

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